Discover the Minjara Essentials bedroom range!
Born from a desire to create honest and affordable everyday essentials, this range is recognizable by its mature wooden corners and customizable through various colors, finishes and accessories. The possibilities are limitless!
The Minimalist
For the resourceful, the organized, the unpretentious and everyone in between. With its simple furniture, quiet uncluttered feel, and thoughtful storage, this room fits what is essential.
The Homely

For the lovebirds, the partners, the bed hogs and everyone in between.
With its ample comfortable furniture, traditional rattan glimpses and functional accessories, this room is ideal for breakfasts in bed, lazy Sunday afternoons and late-night snacking.

The Urban Nomad

For the travelers, the on-the-run, the adventurers and everyone in between.
With its multiple storages, handles hooks and flexible furniture, this room is quick, slick and practical.